Tenor Fly Is 'Born Again' On Congo Natty Bass

Posted: February 1st, 2015

The long-rumored project from legendary ragga MC Tenor Fly and the Congo Natty crew finally sees the light of day as the first single of 2015 on the Congo Natty Bass imprint kick-starts things with a series of heavyweight remixes of “Born Again.”

Geared straight for the junglist and reggae massive, the junglistic vibes of the Aries, Gold Dubs & Jacky Murda remix set the tone with a breaks-driven version of the track before turning it over to Nyahbingy who dubs it out proper with a reggae space-bass version that should satisfy all the youth up in the speaker.


By Chris Muniz

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MC DRS Has A 'Mid Mic Crisis' On Soul:R

Posted: January 31st, 2015

If the recently released album sampler is anything to go by, the second album from the Manchester-based MC DRS is going to be a massive one. Set for release on March 30 on Marcus Intalex and ST Files’ Soul:R imprint, MC DRS has called in an eye-popping crew of collaborators to help him bring his vision to life, including Addison Groove, Die, Calibre, Dub Phizix, Lynx, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, S.P.Y., Chimpo and even the bossman himself, Marcus Intalex.

Weighing it at a hefty 16-cuts, the album proper will be preceded by two album samplers, one of which has just hit with MC DRS linking up with Jubei for the booming lead single, “The Puppeteer” before flipping it into dubby territory on “Emergency” with Intalex on the flip.

It’s the first salvo in what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting MC-driven projects of the year.


By Chris Muniz

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Legion & Logam Surface On New Playaz

Posted: January 30th, 2015

The Stateside drum & bass crew hitting it hard as Legion and Logam make big moves with this massive five-track EP for the New Playaz imprint. Having made a huge splash in 2014 with their “House of Cards” debut on Program, the Atlanta-based duo come correct with this diverse and heavy-duty EP that also features the Toronto-based NC-17 in collaboration mode on two of the tunes.

“Warehouse” kicks things off with an infectious, hypnotic groove before the boys turn their attention to giving their 2013 sub-heavy hit “Blackout” the VIP treatment. Still, lots of love will be heading to “Trippin” as the support has rolled in across the board, most notably from Friction who featured the tune in his ‘Best Bangers of 2014’ mix.

But don’t turn in yet! The EP still has plenty of staying power, as the epic atmospheres of “Red Letter” and the rough and gnarled bassline of “Gate” round things off in a way that hints at the mad vibes still to come. Ones to definitely watch in 2015!

Pre-order it here.


By Chris Muniz

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Zinc Gets 'Nasty' With The Prodigy

Posted: January 29th, 2015

Returning to dancefloors after a six-year hiatus, the legendary trio known as The Prodigy recently unleashed a teaser from their forthcoming album in the form of the lead single “Nasty” late last month. While it took six years for the crew to pull together The Day is My Enemy, their sixth album, apparently it only took a few weeks for none other than legendary drum & bass and “crack house” don DJ Zinc to surface with his own officially sanctioned version of the tune.

By all standards, Zinc’s remix blows the original out of the water, retaining Keith Flint’s vocals and the breakbeat feel of the original before twisting it into a nasty little old-school Bingo Beats-influenced number. It’s almost possible to trace each of Zinc’s influences in the tune from acid, tech and deep house on through to the breakbeat and drum & bass vibes that originally brought him critical acclaim.

According to Zinc, his remix and the single should be available come February 2, while the full album is still set for a March 30 release date. Look out!


By Chris Muniz

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Interview: Getting Crunk With Crizzly

Posted: January 28th, 2015

Just before embarking on his highly-anticipated, nationwide Real Thugz Tour, Chris Marshall—the man known as Crizzly and the undisputed king of crunkstep—took some time out to exchange a few words with us here at Bassrush. Sharing his plans for world domination, Crizzle digs deep with an inside look into some of his studio essentials, a few playlists, and a glimpse into the future of his new label venture, Slice Gang.  


What were the best hip-hop records of 2014?
Let me open up my iTunes. Okay, a few of my favorites this year were T.I. & Young Thug’s “About The Money,” Travi$ Scott’s “Drugs You Should Try It,” “Smile” by Beatking and Fat Pimp, “Errrbody” from Yo Gotti, and Drake’s “Believe Me.” I could keep going on!

We know you enjoy gaming when you’re on the road. What are some of you favorite titles?
I still play N64 religiously, mostly Super Smash Bros. I just got the new Wii U and the new Smash Bros. and I can say that I’m addicted. I also play some Destiny, but that stuff takes a lot of time to get good at!

Name three things you absolutely cannot live without in the studio.
Yerba Maté [and] my MacBook Pro—that’s about all I need, to be honest. My studio has turned into a hotel room after all these years of touring. When I get home to my actual studio, it’s unnatural. [Laughs]

What’s one Crizzly Ableton production tip you could give away to fans?
Create a template so that when creativity hits, you’ve got everything set up and ready to go!

What are your plans for 2015? Anything fresh we should be on the lookout for?
I’m doing my first solo headlining tour called the Real Thugz Tour. We’ve announced phase o of the dates and are about the release the second with even more dates! I will also be launching my new Slice Gang Label, in which I will be releasing my own originals and tracks of my friends. Moving forward, I want to focus on myself, the people I care about, and not so much about what others are doing. The newest stuff I got has a bunch of my Texas homies rapping on tracks. I want to open people’s eyes to the talent Texas has to offer; put the city and state on my back as much as possible. 

I even started my own weekly with a squad of longtime homies. These are people I’ve known forever who were with me when I was setting up at malls spinning for people shopping at Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters. It’s all coming full circle, and I’m trying to take it back to that hometown vibe from where it all started.

Speaking of your home state, what’s the greatest thing about being from Texas?
Being able to eat a breakfast taco at 6pm. Done-boom-blam-bladow-fin.

Tell us about your Real Thugz Tour? Who will be joining you?
It’s a tour that starts off 2015 with a bang! I’ll be alongside my homies Antiserum, LAXX, and K Theory. Dotcom just hopped on a few dates as well. He’s been a Slice Gang member for a while.

What is it about the Insomniac and Bassrush crowds that set them apart from everyone else?
They’re the best, hands down! The energy they bring is second to none across the whole country. So many memories have been made thanks to [Insomniac Headliners]. So much energy!

What are you favorite toppings? You know we had to ask!
Pineapple and pepperoni. Now I’m hungry, thanks.

Parting words for the #pizzagang?
#pizzagangordie #slicegang #realthugz #texas #thatsthatshitthatmademe #dirtysouth #realcrunkshit #yezzir #holup #party #plur #southernhospitality #lifted #liftedatx #lifestyle #weoutchea #grind #hustle #havefun #amen #facts #love #tybg


Check the Real Thugz Tour phase one dates here.


By Amanda Ross


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Sam Binga & Redders Blaze It Up On

Posted: January 28th, 2015

Sam Binga comes out of the gates with a storming EP for the always-essential Critical Music crew. Formerly known as Baobinga in his breakbeat days, Binga has upped the BPMs into the 160-170 range and seems to have found his groove.

Using jungle and drum & bass as a template for his new venture, Binga links up with his go-to man Redders, who kicks some hard vocals atop the grinding beats and basslines that Binga does so well. Picking up where his single “AYO” and the highly-touted “Lef Dem” from Critical’s Underground Sonics LP left off, the Tek Nuh Chat EP brings the heat on all fronts with an extra-sweet re-lick of “Lef Dem” from Enei to round things out proper.

As if that wasn’t enough, Binga and the crew went all in on an old-school, skate vid-inspired video to go along with the title track, which should get you in the proper mood to cop these digitally or on limited blue vinyl.


By Chris Muniz

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