Ed Rush Opens Up the Piranha Pool

Posted: September 26th, 2014

D&B fave Ed Rush has announced a new imprint, Piranha Pool Recordings. While the label has been months in the making, the project finally came to fruition after spending more time in his new home studio, where he was inspired to write a lot more music

Rush feels that the Piranha Pool name is a perfect way to describe the label—upfront, aggressive and hard to compete with. It will carry a similar sound as his current Virus label, but will also be a home for fresh new artists.

In the meantime, Ed Rush and Optical are finishing up final mixes for their new album, which includes the dancefloor banger “Scarabs,” which can be pre-ordered here


By Lori Denman-Underhill

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Listen to Radio 4’s Goldie the Alchemist documentary

Posted: September 24th, 2014

Drum & bass icon Goldie gets the extensive documentary treatment from BBC Radio 4 on Goldie the Alchemist, currently streaming on the BBC website. The broadcast features the Metalheadz co-founder sharing intimate parts of his life storyfrom the highs to the lowest lowsand also includes contributions by Pete Tong, Fabio, Marc Mac, Nihal Arthanayake, Dr. Anamik Saha and more. Producer Paul Thomas packs a lot into this 30-minute segment, but its definitely a digestible listen. Steam it here and stay up to speed on Goldie here.


By Lori Denman-Underhill

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Prolix Transcends Again

Posted: September 23rd, 2014

With his Transcendent EP release on Trendkill Records now available on Beatport, Prolix will surely be recruiting new drum & bass fans around the world. The biggest names in the biz are featured on the mid-September release, including MC Coppa on the tune “Vital Condition,” Offkey’s Meth on “Next Level,” and Misanthrop of Neosignal on “Transcendent.” He also worked with Rido, who he has been playing out parties with recently.

Prolix defined the EP’s title, saying that he conjured it up to describe his efforts of going above and beyond his previous works with evolution and advancement.

Take a spin for yourself on this wild ride of dancefloor destruction here and on the Crissy Criss show here. Purchase it on Beatport here.


By Lori Denman-Underhill 

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Total Science Announce New October Release

Posted: September 18th, 2014

Total Science, a.k.a. Jason Greenhalgh (Q Project) and Paul Smith (Spinback) have new track taste tests on SoundCloud. The stellar, melodic D&B tracks include the Grimm collaboration “So Addicted,” Villem & McLeod’s “Putting Down Roots” (Total Science Remix), and an instrumental version of “So Addicted,” which happens to be a digital exclusive.

The release is dropping on Warm Communications on October 13.

Take the taste test here; pre-order it here, and follow them on Facebook here.



By Lori Denman-Underhill

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Cynematic announces new Viper releases

Posted: September 16th, 2014

Brand new Russian drum & bass duo Cynematic is ready to release their debut single, “Daytona/Space City,” on Viper VIP. Vladimir Vorobyev and Dmitriy Dadushin drop the release—which is described by the label to include a “mix of ’80s synths, infectious funk and fat bass”—on September 21. These tunes follow their debut on this year’s Summer Slammers album with the track ‘Vortex.”

Check out “Daytona” and “Space City” below, purchase the music here, and follow Cynematic on Facebook.


By Lori Denman-Underhill

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