Low Down Deep Kicks Off City Series With Jaydan

Posted: December 17th, 2014

When it comes to modern jump-up drum & bass sounds, no one is as prolific as longtime producer Jaydan. With 2014 seeing him release on a plethora of high-caliber labels, Jaydan has now been tapped by Low Down Deep to helm the first release in the label’s new city-inspired series. Los Angeles pays homage to the bustling city’s longtime affinity for breakbeat culture, as Jaydan takes listeners on a ride through the streets with tracks like “Killer,” “Destroy,” “Sinister” and “Shaolin Skills.” Listen to and download the EP here.


By Amanda Ross

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501's Crystallize EP Out Now On Never Say Die

Posted: December 15th, 2014

The Finnish artist known as 501 debuts four tracks of hybrid bass music on the Never Say Die label. The DJ/producer’s eclectic style shines through with the vocal dancefloor tune “Won’t Change,” produced with Protohype and featuring Ras. The EP’s namesake, “Crystallize,” invites listeners in with hypotonic synths, while naughty vibes are delivered on “Kill Your Boss.” Barley Alive’s “Kill Your Boss” re-rub delivers a glitched-out trap remix that is sure to go down well on the floor. Listen and download here.



01. 501 – “Crystallize”
02. 501 & Protohype – “Won’t Change” feat. Ras
03. 501 – “Kill Your Boss”
04. 501 – “Kill Your Boss” (Barely Alive Remix)


By Amanda Ross

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Viper Recordings Celebrates A Decade of D&B

Posted: December 12th, 2014

2004 was a good year for drum & bass. With the birth of many legendary D&B institutions, artist Futurebound created what is known today as the legendary Viper Recordings. This year, the camp celebrates 10 years of dancefloor smashing with their Decade Of Viper compilation. Highlighting its popular label talent, fans get new tunes from likes of The Prototypes, InsideInfo, and Matrix and Futurebound.

Find Viper back-catalogue classics, anthems, exclusives, and new ammo for the dancefloor. Decade Of Viper will be available on digital, CD and vinyl formats on December 14. Pre-order the compilation here.


Digital Tracklist

01. Futurebound & Gridlok – “Go Free”
02. The Prototypes – “Moscow”
03. Tali – “Forces” (Trei Remix)
04. BMotion & Chords – “Discothèque”
05. InsideInfo & Prolix – “Transposed”
06. Cyantific – “Bring You Love”
07. Koven & Memtrix – “Pessimist”
08. Smooth & Futurebound – “Savoy Affair”
09. Bluescreens & Cynematic – “Aurora”
10. InsideInfo & Smooth – “Hear Me Roar” VIP
11. Six Blade & Insomniax – “Contact”
12. Futurebound & Jaquan – “Blind Cobblers Thumb”
13. Jaquan – “Pathfinder”
14. Matrix & Futurebound – “Coast To Coast” (feat. Louis Smith)
15. Sigma – “Hi Top”
16. ShockOne – “Polygon” (feat. Reija Lee)
17. Nero – “Do You Wanna”
18. DC Breaks – “Halo”
19. Delta Heavy – “Abort”
20. Futurebound & Metrik – “Brave New World”
21. InsideInfo – “Honey Bee”
22. Metrik – “I See You” (feat. Kathy Brown)
23. Fred V & Grafix – “Just A Thought” (feat Reija Lee)
24. Seven Lions – “Below Us” (feat. Shaz Sparks)
25. Metrik – “Freefall” (feat. Reija Lee)
26. ShockOne – “Chaos Theory”
27. Smooth – “Virgo Cluster”
28. Camo & Krooked – “Feel Your Pulse” (Mind Vortex Remix)
29. Brookes Brothers – “Carry Me On” (feat. Chrom3)
30. The Prototypes – “Pale Blue Dot”
31. Matrix & Futurebound – “Control” (feat. Max Marshall)
32. “Decade of Viper” DJ Mix by Futurebound



12” Vinyl Sampler

A. The Prototypes – “Moscow”
AA. InsideInfo & Prolix – “Transposed”



CD Tracklist

01. Futurebound & Gridlok – “Go Free”
02. The Prototypes – “Moscow”
03. Tali – “Forces” (Trei Remix)
04. BMotion & Chords – “Discothèque”
05. Nero – “Do You Wanna”
06. InsideInfo & Prolix – “Transposed”
07. Cyantific – “Bring Your Love”
08. Koven & Memtrix – “Pessimist”
09. Brookes Brothers – “Carry Me On” (feat. Chrom3)
10. Smooth & Futurebound – “Savoy Affair”
11. Matrix & Futurebound – “Coast To Coast” (feat. Louis Smith)
12. Metrik – “I See You” (feat. Kathy Brown)
13. Bluescreens & Cynematic – “Aurora”
14. InsideInfo & Smooth – “Hear Me Roar” VIP
15. ShockOne – “Light Cycles”



+ CD2: “Decade of Viper” DJ Mix by Futurebound


By Amanda Ross

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An Interview With Rising US Dubstep Star TrollPhace

Posted: December 10th, 2014

American dubstep hero TrollPhace made huge gains this year, landing remix work and epic collabs with Grammy award-winner and OWSLA label founder Skrillex. His production prowess and live DJ sets have spawned a global army of loyal supporters. The man known to the government as Damon Orienti speaks candidly with Bassrush about the evolution of his sound and how his infamous “Get Low” remix came about. If you’re in L.A. at the end of the month, make sure you ring in 2015 with TrollPhace, Dieselboy, Eptic and more at Bassrush’s NYE massive.


Congratulations on a remarkable year! What have you been getting into lately?

Thank you! Lately, I have been trying to really grow as a musician and have put sound design on the back burner so I can appeal to a wider market. I’ve been exploring different avenues of influence so I can write more creative music while maintaining aggressiveness.


You’ve always pushed boundaries with your sound. What tempos are you experimenting with these days?

I just did a twerk track. That was a lot of fun. My buddy Getter has been telling me for years that when I get stuck in a rut with dubstep, move to other styles for a minute [because] it always re-inspires you; and he was right. I’ve been messing around with other styles, just trying to keep everything in my creative palette fresh. I’m also trying to home in on some new, unique styles and sounds for 2015. I’ve been using a lot of the same techniques and sounds lately, mainly because I have so much fun writing the songs that make people bounce, you know? I’m trying not get too stale, but I do take a lot of pride in the sound I took years to perfect—and am still perfecting—and I don’t plan on ditching [it] after only a handful of songs. But it is time for a switch-up, I do believe. 


How did your remix of Dillon Francis and DJ Snake’s “Get Low” come to be?

[Laughs] I was at TomorrowWorld with my manager, hanging out with all the OWSLA fam and Dillon’s crew, and as a joke we were like, “Oh dude, how funny would it be if I remixed ‘Get Low?’ and Dillon was just like, ‘Yeah, sure!’” The next day, I received stems in my email, and I went straight to work! 


Where do you see the future of dubstep heading?

Hopefully, it heads straight into an era were people stop bitching about what the name of something is and start just listening to the music again. 


Who are some of your top-rated dubstep producers at the moment?

In no particular order, I’ve been rinsing these guys out: Downlink, Twofold, Phiso, JuJu, Getter, Algo, Mark Instinct, Habstrakt, Snails, Must Die!, Antiserum, Eptic, Coffi., Dubloadz, David Heartbreak, Yogi, Mayhem, Skrillex, Jack Ü and Zomboy.


Any parting words for the TrollPhace massive?

Weed is tight. 


By Amanda Ross

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Kastle and Amtrac Take You Through Hyperspace

Posted: December 8th, 2014

Bass music maestros Kastle and Amtrac hit the road for their Hyperspace Tour. The two-week mini tour boasts 10 destinations, including world-renowned Art Basel in Miami. Check below for dates.


Hyperspace Tour:

12/9 – Austin, TX
12/10 – Denver, CO
12/11 – Los Angeles, CA
12/12 – San Francisco, CA
12/13 – Phoenix, AZ
12/14 – Vancouver, BC


By Amanda Ross

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Fashion Meets Bass Music With NGHTBRND

Posted: December 5th, 2014

As the EDM fashion movement grows, Los Angeles based NGHTBRND have been at the forefront of the bass culture scene, creating stylish, cutting-edge apparel lines for Los Angelinos and beyond. Bassrush caught up with Steven “Smash” Gordon and Geoff Shames to discuss the inner workings behind the night owl movement, having just released their celestial Starlight Collection.


Who are the people behind NGHTBRND?

We have a few employees working for us now, but the main players are Steve Gordon, who is ultimately the investor and additionally gives input on the designs and creative side of things, and myself, Geoff Shames. I handle most of the day-to-day operations of the brand and handle some of our art direction.  


How did you get started? 

NGHTBRND was pretty much an experiment at the beginning. We realized that there wasn’t really one brand that we knew of out there that we felt was really focusing on nightlife, and wanted to step up and see if we couldn’t help fill the gap. We came up with ideas for a handful of designs, printed them on t-shirts and asked a few of our friends to post about it when we launched our site. Next thing we knew, orders were coming in faster than we expected, and we were shipping gear out as fast as we could to people all over the world. From there, we had to take a step back and figure out what we really wanted to do with the brand. We knew right off the bat that we didn’t want to be just another t-shirt line, so we started experimenting with hats and other accessories and honed in the art direction a bit, and now we have a fairly full line available.

We’re still developing things as we meet new people to collaborate and work with, but after some trial and error we’ve dialed in what we want to do, and we have some really exciting stuff coming in the next few months.


What is the soundtrack to the NGHTBRND lifestyle? 

Whatever you listen to when you’re out on the weekend, that’s the soundtrack to the NGHTBRND lifestyle.


What’s the mythos behind the brand?

If you go out at night, NGHTBRND is for you. Period. We don’t want it to be any more defined than that, because it doesn’t have to be, and we draw our inspiration from so many different areas. Whether it’s from different genres of music, to different types of fashion and art, to just driving around the city at night, all types of things influence what we do, and we want the brand to be that open to interpretation.


Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration is everywhere; it’s cliché but it’s really that simple. We’re lucky enough to enjoy some pretty unreal experiences around the world, so anything we see around us can be drawn into our designs. Whether it’s crazy lighting and production at one of the major festivals, a cool piece of street art that we stumble across at 6am, or something crazy we find on the internet, there’s always something finding its way into our next design. It’s normally harder to decide what not to do than it is to find inspiration.


Are there any notable wearers of the brand?

We’ve been lucky enough to have so many DJ/producer friends wear our gear that it’s hard to name individuals, but off the top of our heads, we’ve gotten some support from Waka Flocka Flame, Bro Safari, Datsik, Doctor P, Dirtyphonics, Andy C, Snails, Feenixpawl, Mightyfools, Downlink, Z-Trip, Dieselboy, Kennedy Jones, Protohype, Borgeous, Crizzly, Dvbbs, Cookie Monsta, Funtcase, Ookay, Brillz, Victor Niglio, and Zomboy. We’ve also heard that Pasquale, Forrest and Meelo from Insomniac love the brand.


Including past collections, what is your most popular piece?

Our most popular piece right now is probably the OWL GANG long sleeve that we dropped a few months ago. The response to that was crazy, so we’ve been busy working on some new pieces in the same vein that should be dropping soon to follow up.


What is the goal of NGHTBRND in the future?

At the end of the day our goal is to make gear that we want to wear, and that our customers are stoked on. As things grow, we plan on expanding into more categories and continuing to make the best gear possible, so hopefully everyone is ready to come along for the ride. We also want to contribute to nightlife culture in a positive way by throwing parties, sponsoring local artists and much more as things continue to grow.


By Amanda Ross

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